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Watch Noticias Caracol Live Streaming (Spanish)

Noticias Caracol is the name for all the national newscast from the news division of Caracol Televisión which carries the same name. It is broadcast four times on weekdays and twice on weekends. In January 2015 the new director is Juan Roberto Vargas and the second director is Alberto Medina Lopez. Before becoming a network, Caracol Televisión produced the morning newscast 7:30 Caracol in the mid-1990s. Several well-known Colombian journalists, such as Claudia Palacios, Érika Fontalvo, and María Cristina Uribe were also news presenters of Caracol Noticias. Yamid Amat was its director until March 2002. The newsroom and studio was built in nine months before Caracol Noticias’ first airing, on 10 July 1998. Canadian company Imageneering acted as a consultant. All Noticias Caracol newscasts are also aired live on Caracol TV Internacional.

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