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Watch Penguin Cam Live Streaming (United States)

Helzberg Penguin Plaza opened its doors in October 2013. It’s currently home to 17 king penguins, 45 gentoo penguins, and eight young macaroni penguins. You can see all of them swimming and strolling around in this cold-weather habitat. The Kansas City Zoo is also home to 19 Humboldt penguins that live in a separate warm-weather habitat. All of the penguins have names, and Zoo staff can tell them apart by the bands they wear on their wings. Look closely and you may be able to see names on some of the bands. You might also notice that Elvis, one of our king penguins, wears down the feathers in a spot on his belly. We believe he’s rubbing his belly on the ramps as he gets out of our pools. He tends to be one of our heavier penguins. Once a year, each penguin will molt, or shed its feathers and grown new ones. You’ll be able to tell when this is occurring as it makes the penguins look a little scruffy!

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